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being associated with really cute pokemon is a wonderful, magical feeling don’t deny it


pokemon is such a wonderful game series. really does anything else inspire a sense of imagination and adventure to that degree

  • Ubisoft: A female character would be hard and take time.
  • Nintendo: Here's 32 different playable characters with multiple distinctly-modeled costumes because we're not WHINY FUCKIN' PISSBABIES.
Jun 4


The fact that people talk shit about Yukari and are totally cool with and love Yosuke is a fucking crime against humanity


trans women don’t get more representation we just get more jokes made about us

Feb 7


i feel like people’s drawing styles really reflect themselves, either their physical appearance or their personality or even both but yeah i seem to notice this a lot


it’s rlly funny when anti-sj bloggers say trans and queer people have serious victim complexes because lets be real white cishet people on tumblr have the WORST and most UNNECESSARY victim complexes in the world have you seen all the comics and powerpoints they make about it


"Kids can’t learn about sexuality and gender because it’s too scary or confusing for them" yeah because YOU told them they there are ONLY straight men and straight women from the age of three and then used that limited scope an an excuse to carry on dodging the subject.

I found the seven times table scary and confusing but I still had to do about 20 exams about it

Dec 4


the reason people are transphobic is because trans girls are prettier than cis girls and trans men are more handsome than cis men all non binary people are really hot regardless of presentation Oop

Nov 4


no but it’s actually really shocking that so many people actually think that oppression works both ways when that would be literally impossible